Glow Germ presented by Upper Chesapeake Health Link


During the month of February, the students will be focusing on the units of Health and Nutrition and Dental Health.


As we begin to explore the hygiene aspect of health, nurses from Upper Chesapeake Health Link will be visiting our school on Monday, February 11th to present Glow Germ.  This interactive activity, teaches our little ones the importance of hand washing.  Then, they each get sprayed with "germs"--water with special invisible glitter!  Then they are challenged to wash really well and get it all off.  The real test comes when they place their hands under a black light.  Will the "germs" still be there?  Or were they super hand washers who got them all off??  It's a fun activity that has the children working hard to wash well.


While this activity is free, permission slips will be coming to your child's cubby the first week of February, so keep an eye out for them.  Please sign and return.



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