Current Face Covering Requirements

  1.  Staff must wear face coverings at all times while working with children.
  2.  Parents must wear face coverings while completing temperature checks or approaching                                                                                                                 any staff member at drop off or pick up.
  3.  Children under the age of two may NOT wear face coverings.
  4.  Children under the age of five, but older than two, are strongly encouraged to wear face                                                                                                               coverings, if they are able to tolerate it.
  5.  Children over the age of five are required to wear face coverings, if they are able to                                                                                                                         tolerate it.
  6.  Children wearing face coverings shall take them off during mealtimes, nap times, and
 outdoor playtime when appropriate distancing may be                       maintained.
  7.  Children with medical conditions and/or IEP's are not required to wear face coverings.  (These would include, but are not limited to, things like                 asthma and anxiety.)
  8.  Children should not wear face coverings for activities that make them wet, such as swimming.
  9.  Children shall not be forced to wear a face covering if they are not comfortable or able to do so safely.

       **Please be aware that face covering guidelines can and will change as the governor changes which phase of recovery our state is currently                           working under.


Schedule Alerts


Fallston Child Care Center is currently running on a normal schedule today.


Fallston Child Care Center is acting as a private learning center.  We serve students ages Kindergarten through 5th grade, who are distance learning, in both Harford and Baltimore Counties.


Harford County Public Schools:  HCPS is currently running on 100% virtual learning and have closed learning centers for the majortiy of students.


Baltimore County Public Schools:  BCPS experienced a ransom ware attack over Thanksgiving weekend.  They are closed Monday, November 30th and Tuesday, December 1st to rectify.  They were already scheduled to be closed on Wednesday, December 2nd for conferences.  Fallston Child Care Center is accepting BCPS students during the closure.



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